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If you’ve ever had a massage, you know it can help reduce stress, but do you know the other health benefits that have been discovered in recent years? New studies report that not only does massage work to ease sore muscles after a workout, but just 10 minutes can actually reduce inflammation and help your body recover. And that’s just the beginning.

From pain relief and improving sleep to a stronger immunity and boosted brain power, massage is proving to be an effective, restorative therapy and health-supporting therapy.

Choose from one of eight massage options available by appointment, and experience the benefits for yourself.


Amanda Wek

Massage Therapist Team Lead
Woodlake (View Bio)

Lexi Van Wyhe

Massage Therapist
Performance Center (View Bio)

Swedish Massage – The most common type of massage therapy in the U.S., Swedish massage can be gentle and relaxing. Therapists use a variety of techniques to relieve muscle tension, increase oxygen flow and release built-up toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage – Targeting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, deep tissue massage uses many of the same techniques but with increasing pressure. It is often used for chronically tight or painful muscles and injury recovery.

Therapeutic/Sports Massage – Sometimes, a doctor or trainer will recommend specialized massage to enhance athletic performance or prevent or treat an injury. Using a combination of techniques, the therapist will help you increase your flexibility and loosen your muscles.

Prenatal Massage – Increasingly popular among expectant mothers, a prenatal massage eases backaches, headaches, hip and leg tension and helps to reduce swelling in the hands and feel. Certified therapists modify their techniques to accommodate a pregnant woman’s needs and provide the proper positioning and support during the session.

Cupping – Cupping has been around for centuries but recently became popular due to the 2016 Olympics. Cupping is performed through vacuum suction to separate the muscle, fascia and skin which in turn helps with so many things within the body and outside including increased circulation and blood flow, helps break down scar tissue, draws toxin build up from the muscles so that muscles can recover faster, stimulates lymphatic drainage and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Often times based on the body’s toxin build up and blood circulation cupping can leave pink to dark purple marks that last 3-7 days. The marks are just the body’s way of removing toxins and increasing blood circulation to that particular area. ** They are not bruises and do not hurt.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy – Barefoot massage has been practiced for eons by Buddhist monks and is a part of many eastern cultures. A westernized version of barefoot massage, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy was developed in the United States in 1999 and provides many of the benefits of Swedish massage.

Trigger Point Therapy – When a tight area of muscle causes pain in other parts of the body, trigger point therapy can help. This type of massage is designed to identify the source of the pain, isolated it, and help to relieve pain through multiple cycles of pressure and release on the “trigger point.”

Hot Stone Massage – A variation of classic massage therapy, hot stone massage incorporates heated, flat stones to relax muscle tension allowing the therapist to work on muscles without applying a high degree of pressure. Ideal for relaxation, this therapy many also benefit people with back pain, poor circulation and other health conditions.

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