Business specializing in floating, cryotherapy, opens location in GreatLIFE fitness center

Dec. 5, 2022

EFS Recovery, formerly Escape Float Spa, has a new home inside GreatLIFE Harrisburg.

And even days into opening, it’s clear this is an ideal match.

“We’ve always been looking for ways to partner, and when I learned GreatLIFE had available space to remodel, it made me very intrigued,” said Korey Kyle, who founded Escape Float Spa seven years ago.

It happened to time out with his lease expiring in Sioux Falls, so Kyle rebranded the business as EFS Recovery and made the move south.

“We specialize in floating, but we offer so much more,” Kyle said. “We offer cryotherapy, we have new cold plunge tanks, and we’ll have a sauna, so people can go back and forth between hot and cold therapy.”

EFS Recovery also offers red light therapy, which helps heal soft tissues, as well as a cyro gun to target localized inflammation and accelerate recovery.

“Red light therapy is low-level laser therapy, and it goes all the way to a cellular level,” Kyle said. “It helps with aging, scars, many skin conditions and can help heal and repair UV damage to the skin. And it helps synthesize vitamin D, so it’s great for seasonal depression, which is setting in heavily right now.”

The cold plunge tanks, which are coming in soon, “are becoming more popular,” Kyle said. “They’re great for dopamine levels and amazing for inflammation and your immune system.”

EFS will have its own entrance at GreatLIFE Harrisburg but also will be accessible through the fitness center.

“We think EFS is an amazing addition for our members,” said GreatLIFE’s Krista Youngberg. “They offer services that will make a positive impact on your workout and wellness no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, and it’s a great complement to our Recovery Lounge.”

Through the end of January, GreatLIFE members can enjoy EFS services with their Recovery Lounge add-on. That includes unlimited sauna, cold plunge and red light therapy. The EFS signature float experience is available for a monthly membership or a la carte, and GreatLIFE members receive discounts.

“Floats are amazing for reducing inflammation and help naturally decompress the spine and align the body,” Kyle said. “And if you want the mental aspect, you can turn the lights off and the volume down and allow the hemispheres of the brain to sync and restore. It’s clinically proven to have an effect on lowering stress cortisol, which is directly associated with anxiety and depression.”

Cyrotherapy, also available a la carte and through memberships, is used by people “from all walks of life,” Kyle said. “The majority is for inflammation, and it helps with performance. So people do it before an activity like a marathon, but it’s also great for boosting metabolism and helping circulation.”

Some health conditions don’t support cryotherapy so make sure to double-check with your physician.

Business specializing in floating, cryotherapy, opens location in GreatLIFE fitness center

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