Dear GreatLIFE Member, Team Members & Support Team, 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends! These last two years have been so challenging with Covid, political turmoil and violence that I am hopeful 2022 will be better for everyone. I firmly believe living in South Dakota and especially Sioux Falls has been a blessing that I am grateful for.  

This past year has been pretty good for our GreatLIFE Members and Team Members with facility expansion, golf season, personal training and our efforts with our GreatLIFE Cares Foundation. Now more than ever kids, families and individuals need to have a sense of hope for their future as well as feeling valued and safe. Our mission at our GreatLIFE Cares Foundation is “TO PROVIDE SUPPPORT AND LEADERSHIP FOR PROGRAMS AND EFFORTS BENEFITING CHILDREN, FAMILIES AND ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVING GOLF, FITNESS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLES”. This past year through our GreatLIFE Cares Foundation, we did: 

  • Over 3.000 pounds of food for Feeding SD. 
  • Provided over $300,000 to coalition local charitable and civic organizations.  
  • Through our sponsorship of Stand Together’s Youth Entrepreneur program, we are in 11 schools with over 36 teachers trained and teaching over 4,000 students.  
  • January is National Mentoring Month and through our sponsorship of our TeamMates Mentoring of Sioux Falls Foundation we are in several schools and a member of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. 
  • With our PLAY Everything program we are in 8 schools showing kids the connectivity of sports. 
  • With our Coats for Kids Program throughout the SF School District, we are providing free Winter clothing for less fortunate students. 
  • Recently we have started the Phoenix Addiction Recovery program. 

You can go to our website and hit the Community Involvement icon to learn more. 

We will continue to expand our reach and programs in fulfilling our GreatLIFE mission “TO ENRICH THE LIVES OF FAMILIES AND INDIDVIDUALS THROUGH GOLF, FITNESS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLES”. One of the key drivers of GreatLIFE Team Members and Support Team is a Servant Leaders attitude where we become successful by helping others reach their goals and becoming successful. Lessons we have learned over the years are: 

  • It starts with your heart, a passion for life & a whatever it takes attitude. 
  • Importantly, focus on the good things in your life – write them down & review them frequently. 
  • Develop a culture of caring, committed people based on your mission and vision. 
  • Our one rule” Think before you act, do what is right and take care of one another”. 
  • Develop a personal mission statement, if with someone significant or a family, develop mission statements together and have everyone sign them. 
  • The 3 R’s :Respect for yourself, Respect for others and Responsible for your actions. 
  • You get one chance for 1st impression. 
  • The two most important days: The day you were born and the day you discover WHY you were born. 
  • Introduce people with a sincere compliment – it costs nothing and helps build strong relationships. 
  • No one is promised tomorrow so tell and show the people you love and care for, how important they are to you. 
  • All long term success is based upon solid win/win relationships. 
  • Look for good in everyone. 
  • Catch people doing things right and make a big deal of it. 
  • The two things everyone wants are to be treated with respect and appreciation. 
  • Enthusiasm and success seem to go hand and hand together. 
  • Have fun, smile a lot and use please and thank out a lot. 
  • Lead by example, show the right way and bring others along with you. 
  • Your greatest assets are your family, your attitude, your word and your friends. 
  • In giving, I have found that I receive more than the recipient, plus it makes me and everyone around me better. 
  • I have found that God won’t be outdone in generosity and kindness. 
  • Change is inevitable, grow with it and be life long learner. 
  • One of my favorites: Own a dog, they give unconditional love. No matter how bad a day you have had, they are delighted to see you! 
  • Character is like the medal of a sword, it is tested and define by fire. 
  • Get involved with a charity that touches your heart and get your family involved. 
  • Lastly, my definition of” Success: When the ones closest to you, love and respect you the most”. 

Wishing you and your family a prosperous 2020! Thanks for being a GreatLIFE Member! Hope you enjoy the little Christmas video. Gratefully, 



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