Dear GreatLIFE Member, Team Member & Support Team,

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather and colors. As our golf season is winding down, I want to thanks all our Members, golf Pros, Pro shop Teams, maintenance Teams and our food and beverage Teams for a great season.

Speaking of golf, our GreatLIFE Cares Foundation’s Challenge for Change was very successful with our reception with legendary Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne and record number of participants! Wayne & Mary’s Team took 1st place and their charity, Center for Hope, won $10,000. Gallagher’s Team took 2nd with O’Gorman receiving $5,000. Luxury Auto took 3rd place with Sioux Falls Cares and the Boys & Girls Club each receiving $1,250. In addition, 20 organizations each received $2,250 to assist them in delivering on their mission. Next year’s Challenge for Change will be July 25th, so save the date!

We continue with Stand Together’s Youth Entrepreneur program at seven public schools and O’Gorman Middle School. We also have our PLAY Everything clinics going on in six of the public Middle Schools showing kids the connectivity of sports as well as skills development. One of the surprising results we are seeing is the less athletic a child is, the more improvement we see in not only the sport, but also in their self-esteem and they are becoming more outgoing. There are several other programs we are working with to improve families, kids and individuals lives and our community.

Hope you and your family had an enjoyable Halloween especially with the weather being decent. Thanks for being a GreatLIFE Member! Video to enjoy! 


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