Dear GreatLIFE Members, Team Members & Support Team

Well, Fall is in full swing with in person schooling, football and pheasant hunting! One of the best things about living in SD is its seasonality especially with the changing colors of Fall. Hope you are enjoying this Fall with family and friends.

For over 40 years we operated Burger King Restaurants throughout the Midwest and won numerous awards for development, operations, marketing and community involvement. We learned many lessons, many of them through our mistakes as well as our successes. A critical element of our success was the focus on our mission and the culture we created within our Teams. Our mission at Burger King was on the back of all our business cards which was “Develop People & Community Leadership” and goals of “1. Quality Dining Experience 2. Leader in Profitability 3.Positive, Fun environment”. Over 80% of our Leaders started as hourly Team Members. The average tenure of our number one Leaders was 28 years and 16 years for our Assistant Leaders.

These lessons have been carried over to GreatLIFE and hopefully we are living our mission “TO ENRICH THE LIVES OF FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS THROUGH GOLF, FITNESS AND HEATHY LIFESTYES”. In developing our GreatLIFE culture, those same principles and values that we had at our Burger King Restaurants, we have incorporated. We did a lot of investing in our system with training, books and relevant material and opportunities. One of the persons we have a great deal of respect for is Jon Gordon. Recently, he sent out his thoughts on building a great culture that I have enclosed for your benefit. Hope you enjoy it along with a video that I send out on what is important in our lives.

Thanks for being a GreatLIFE Member and wishing you a wonderful Fall!

Tom Walsh Sr

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