The summer heat is back and it’s time to turn up the self-motivation in your workouts. Not sure how you can improve your health status? Get help from GreatLIFE with GreatSTART.

As a member of GreatLIFE you’re entitled to a one-time informational health assessment that gives you the lowdown on your current heath status. In addition, you get professional advice from one of our expert personal trainers to set your sites on a healthier body and a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best approaches to strengthening your health and enriching your lifestyle comes from knowing where you currently stand. GreatSTART sessions will provide you with the right information and accurate assessments of your current height, weight, body fat percentage, and body measurements, not as a number, but as a starting block of encouragement to maintain or improve your health.

During the GreatSTART sessions, personal trainers will help you set fitness goals and make a plan to get results. Consultation about your current lifestyle habits and nutritional advice will allow you to see manageable adjustments.

Operating the exercise equipment properly and efficiently is key to getting the results you want. Each GreatSTART session will also provide members an introduction to basic machine workouts.

GreatSTART is FREE for all GreatLIFE members, current or new. We’ll help you meet your fitness goals with GreatSTART! Schedule your appointment today.

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