Brother-sister team helps keep carts, course golfer-friendly at Willow Run

Aug. 24, 2022

The commute to work doesn’t get much better than a walk across the golf course.

For Jack and Luci Bommersbach, who are brother and sister, a few-minute stroll from their home alongside Willow Run Golf Course is all it takes to begin working their jobs as cart attendants for GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

“Our brother actually worked here first,” explained Jack, an incoming senior at Brandon Valley High School.

“And when he came home and I asked how work was, he said he loved it and everyone was super nice. He made it sound really great, so I said why wouldn’t I join?”

Jack is now in his second summer working at the course. And this year, younger sister Luci joined him.

“We’re both cart attendants, so we clean carts, we wash them, we stage them, pick the range, anything on the golf course,” he said.

“If someone needs help on the course, we’re there. And I love that I can walk to work and everyone else is spending money on gas. Plus, the people I work with are great. The staff is super nice and energetic.”

For Luci, an incoming high school junior, the job was a natural fit too.

“They just always had something positive to say about working there, and it seemed like a fun environment,” she said. “It’s gone really well. I really like being outside all summer. I love the people I work with, and it was a really easy and enjoyable job.”

It’s also a flexible one, which is key as both Jack and Luci are nationally ranked taekwondo competitors.

“We travel a lot, and this summer was really busy,” Luci said. “We’ve been to Las Vegas, Utah, Colorado, and GreatLIFE has been really easy to work with around our schedules.”

Their family GreatLIFE membership also is helpful to them as athletes, they said.

“We have a strength and conditioning program, so we use the gym at Willow Run, which is very nice,” Jack said. “And I always take advantage of The Willows restaurant if I need a quick lunch or dinner after work. It’s a really good restaurant. We have a bunch of golfers who stop in before or after they play.”

And the family likes to work in a round of golf together as time allows.

As for working with your sibling?

“I do get to boss her around a bit because I’ve been here longer,” Jack joked. “But we go back and forth with each other and work more together because we have a similar schedule. It’s actually really good.”

And, importantly, his younger sister agrees.

“It’s not as bad as you might think,” Luci said. “It’s actually fun.”

They plan to continue working through the golf season and next summer as school and athletics allow.

“For sure,” Jack said. “We just really enjoy coming to work.”

Are you looking for a fun and flexible job at GreatLIFE? Click here for more on current opportunities.

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