Check off the golfer on your gift list with these ideas

Dec. 19, 2022

Whether there’s a new golfer or a dedicated one on your holiday gift list, you’ll find a fit with one of these ideas.

“As we’ve seen an increase in demand for golf and golf instruction, gifting golf also has 100 percent gone up in the last few years,” said Drew Trautman, director of player development who leads the GreatLIFE Golf Academy, headquartered at Willow Run Golf Course.

“Just because snow is on the ground and it’s cold doesn’t mean we are shut off to the game of golf and making sure we can get better at the game of golf.”

But, of course, not all golfers’ wish lists look the same. Here’s what to keep in mind for players of all kinds:

For the new golfer

It makes sense to start the sport with the right kind of learning. Through the end of the year, GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness is offering 20 percent off any lesson package.

“This is a great opportunity for any new player or beginner looking to get more experienced,” Trautman said.

Choose from a single individual session or a three- or five-lesson package.

“This also is a great option for experienced golfers trying to get their game in check for the upcoming season,” Trautman added. “You can get into the lab and get some lessons at a discounted rate. If we truly want our game in shape for 2023, this is the time to do fittings, instruction and training.”

Click here to learn more about lessons for all abilities.

For the young golfer

The GreatLIFE NextGEN Junior Golf Academy is offered all 12 months of the year, so gifting the young golfer on your list some lessons will get them ready for spring.

“This is a combination of individual and group sessions, with access to a wide range of technology and training,” Trautman said. “If you’re a middle school or high school student looking to take your game to the next level, this is a great time to start doing that.”

Click here to learn more about NextGEN.

For the golfer who needs gear

Stop in to any GreatLIFE pro shop and you’ll find the perfect addition to your golfer’s wardrobe, golf bag or equipment.

“Certain manufacturers are offering holiday discounts as they move into new products in 2023,” Trautman said.

“Many of these offers and the product selection are unique to each pro shop, so stop in or give us a call and we can help you find the gift you’re looking for.”

For the golfer who’d like to get in better shape

Make no mistake: Golf and fitness go hand in hand. And golf-specific fitness training can make a huge difference in a golfer’s game and overall wellness.

GreatLIFE’s Nate Christensen is a Titleist Performance Institute-certified fitness professional specializing in golf fitness training. He offers a wide variety of golf-specific training programs designed to maximize performance and reduce injuries.

“This is a fantastic time of year to not only work on your swing but your golf fitness, making sure your body is in place to perform your best in 2023,” Trautman said.

“Nate does an amazing job working with our students, whether they’re juniors or adults, making sure they’re in peak shape to perform. When in doubt, buy a gift card or talk to me or Nate or our team and we can get your golfer registered for the training that’s right for them.”

For the techie golfer – or the gamer

No matter what your skill level, you can immerse yourself in some of the most well-known courses in the world just by stepping into GreatLIFE Suburban Lanes.

Try out classic and SimSurround simulators while improving your game with feedback on distance, clubhead speed and ball speed.

GreatLIFE members also save on rental from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

“Just purchase a gift card and everyone from individual golfers to families will have a great winter escape playing on the simulators,” Trautman said.

For the golfer who needs to get away

And speaking of winter escapes, here’s one for the golfer who truly deserve a little indulgence this holiday season.

Thanks to a partnership with Thompson Golf Group, GreatLIFE members receive significant discounts at some outstanding courses in the Phoenix area.

“This is an exciting member benefit worth taking advantage of,” Trautman said. “If you want treat yourself or the golfer in your household this holiday season, head down there and get away from the cold and snow while working on your game.”

Click here to learn more.

Check off the golfer on your gift list with these ideas

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