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10 YEARS! In just a few short days, GreatLIFE will officially turn 10! The past 10 years have flown by so taking time to reflect back on where we started vs where we are at currently has been extremely fun. As I sit in my office, I can’t but think of all the relationships I have been blessed with because of GreatLIFE. I get asked a lot if the job is what I expected when my wife and I moved back and I have no hesitation when I tell them “Not even close”. I came back with the thought of growing fitness programs but have come away with a community full of friends to help push me to become a better person every day. Thank you all for best 10 years of my life. I look forward to several more incredible years of positively impacting the lives of others together! Tom Walsh Sr. is writing a special recap email that will take us through the highlights since the day we officially started on December 11, 2013. I would encourage you to take time to read through his email as it will cover several of the things we’ve been able to accomplish since we started. Your continued support as being a part of the GreatLIFE community has allowed us to impact the lives of literally 1,000’s of kids and families around the community! THANK YOU!

As a way you have all helped me become a better version of myself is through continued learning. The monthly book club has been a great way to hold myself accountable to not just read, but reflect on what I learn from the books I am learning from. This month’s book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” was one that I thoroughly enjoyed for several reasons. I enjoy practical things (assessments in particular) that I can use to get a gauge at where I currently sit and use that information to put together a plan to improve myself in that area. Along with the tools the book provided, here were some of the key takeaways I pulled from the book itself:

  1. IQ is being book smart and EQ is being socially smart. As a “leader in progress”, I can find myself working on proving IQ vs focusing on improving my EQ. This book did a great job helping me understand the importance of working on the EQ as much as the IQ part of life/leadership.
  2. Chapter 5 went into some depth of 15 self-awareness strategies. I will spare listing all of the strategies but the 2 I found most interesting were to:
    1. Journal about my emotions
    2. Spot myself in book and movies
  3. Chapter 8 used an example of arriving at a campsite in the middle of the night and setting up a camp without knowing your surroundings. It’s not until the next morning when the sun comes up when you can gain a better perspective on everything around you and relax. I had a mentor tell me that a lack in understanding opens up an opportunity for someone to fill it with their own narrative. This resonated with me to make sure I’m not keeping my team, family and friends in the dark with things that are going on.

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NEXT MONTH’S BOOK: “The Gap and the Gain” Dan Sullivan

POSITIVE THOUGHT: Don’t wait for the eulogy to tell someone what they mean to you!

Nick Ovenden – President

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