Experience Escape Float Spa

The float spa experience is a luxurious retreat from stress with healing benefits for the body and the mind, and now it’s available at a discounted price for GreatLIFE members.

Much like deep meditation, the float spa helps you to quiet the body and the mind by removing the stimuli that surround you every day, and provides a zero-gravity environment inside the pod that allows the blood to circulate freely to any area that may be bruised, swollen, or stressed. In this state, your mind is able to achieve a profound state of relaxation and your body can heal.

The water inside the pod is the same temperature as your skin receptors and is filled with 900 lbs. of Epsom salts that detox your muscles of lactic acids and other toxins. Floating is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, and has a residual effect on lowering cortisol levels related to stress. It can be extremely beneficial for people suffering from head traumas such as PTSD. By lying in a stimulant-free environment for 60 minutes, the brain is able to become less left-brain dominant, creating a synergistic effect between its two hemispheres.

Now you actually can feel your stress float away. To set up your float experience, visit escapefloatspa.com or call 605-271-7676.

Special Discounts for GreatLIFE Members
• Standard Float Session – 10% Off
• One Float Membership – 10% Off
• Two Float Membership – 20% Off
• Four Float Membership – 20% Off
• Six Float Membership – 20% Off

GreatLIFE members must purchase float memberships in store to verify membership and activate discount. Float credits have no expiration date and are shareable between family and friends. Memberships require two-month minimum commitment.

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