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10 days! Every year, I join hundreds of thousands of people around the world setting goals, challenges or New Year’s resolutions for myself. For those of you who know me, you know that I have virtually ZERO background in anything musical. I have put “learn an instrument” on my New Year’s Resolution list for at least 10 years in a row. Each year has turned out the EXACT same way. I choose the things that come easy to me and justify why those things make more sense for me to do anyway. Thus, I haven’t been able to give myself that satisfying CHECK MARK for finishing. Heck, I don’t even get to the point of picking out an instrument, let alone even starting to play one. The challenge of learning an instrument has always felt like a mountain that I’d never be able to climb. This year started out the same as the last 10 years. I went FULL STEAM ahead with planning and executing the way to those goals…with the exception of that 1 daunting goal. Fortunately, as I was sitting down with one of my Team Members to help them with putting a plan to reach their goals it hit me. I was being coached up without knowing I was being coached up. I had no plan and, quite frankly, no clue how I was even going to get started. My daughters started piano lessons last year and I have never been able to help them practice. Bingo! Being able to help my daughters is a great way for me to stay focused on my WHY. Next, was figuring out my HOW. I know for me, I am much better off dedicating 15-30 minutes/day to something than setting aside a block of time once a week if I want to make it stick. So, I went home that night and found a self-paced App that I could use to learn the piano. Since, I have grown to enjoy reading and journaling before bed, I used that routine as my “reward” for completing a piano lesson. With ALL of this in place, it still only took me 10 DAYS to talk myself out of playing the piano. Fortunately, when I get excited about things, I talk about them, so naturally I had several people asking me about how piano was going. I was asked no less than 5 different times on day 11, after I had rationalized why I shouldn’t keep playing. Having MULTIPLE people asking me about piano proved to be a key (pun intended) for me to not break my streak and sit down at the piano that night.

What a huge blessing this experience has been for me as it has allowed me to feel the emotional rollercoaster people feel when trying to start something new. I know there are going to be SEVERAL more times over the next year where I’ll talk myself out of playing. In all reality, I could check off the box and say I gave piano a shot, learned a few songs and it wasn’t for me. Which is why I changed my 2024 challenge to be a behavior change vs an end result. Playing the piano everyday for 15 minutes or more is the new behavior change. 15 minutes a day sounds simple and something that, whether I feel like it or not, I will know it’s part of my nightly routine. I have no idea what the end result will be but my daily behaviors will LIKELY lead to me learning how to play the piano. I’ll keep you posted! 😊

This time of year is a pivotal one in my mind. It’s likely some of you have experienced a similar rollercoaster ride as I have already in 2024. It’s OK! My encouragement to you, is to go back and look at those things you’ve set out to accomplish this year and make sure they have:

  1. A clear understanding of what the goal is
  2. Identify WHY it’s important to you
  3. Put together as detailed of a plan as possible to get there (daily behaviors are a great way to make small, daily wins turn into a huge win at the end of the year)
  4. Tell others your GOAL, WHY it’s important to you and the PLAN to get there
  5. Continually reflect and refine as needed (I have a standing weekly meeting with myself to make sure I take time to do it)

On to the book club! In January, we read the book “Chop Wood, Carry Water” by Joshua Metcalf. It is another seemingly simple book that has so much impact on me whenever I read it which is probably a catalyst for the longer newsletter than normal. Here are 3 of my big takeaways:

  1. Learn to fall in love with the Process and NOT the outcome. This was the impetus to change from an outcome of learning the piano to the process of spending 15 minutes each day practicing.
  2. Don’t allow the size of the event dictate the amount of effort you give. Find ways to adjust your “warrior dial” (effort) to high whether it’s for a 1 on 1 for a Team Member or you’re presenting to 1,000 executives. They ALL deserve your best!
  3. Talent without Character is like an expensive sportscar without gas. It’s got a lot of potential but is useless until it’s fill up with gas. Protect your character!

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“Love Your Life, Not Theirs” by Rachel Cruze


“Find a cheerleader, Be a Cheerleader” A few years ago, Tom Sr put HCL (Head Cheerleader) on his business cards. It may seem silly, but what an incredible way to view his “job”. What would our community look like if we become cheerleaders for others, and allow others to cheer for us?

Cheering for you,



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