Fit3D - GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness


Take fitness to the next dimension with Fit3D.


Now it’s easier than ever to get a realistic and accurate picture of your physical health at GreatLIFE with Fit3D 3D body imaging.
This high-tech body scanner:

  • Captures a full 360° model of your body
  • Automatically extracts hundreds of measurements
    • Circumference
    • Volume
    • Length
    • Surface areas

The process is non-invasive, quick and secure. You can share the information or keep it to yourself.

Best of all, your Fit3D body scan provides an accurate and information-rich baseline of your physical health and allows you set your fitness goals and easily track your progress.

We offer all members a one-time, free Fit3D body scan with their membership. For a nominal price, you can schedule subsequent scans to gauge your progress and adjust your workouts.

If you haven’t scheduled your free, one-time Fit3D body scan, do it today for a cool and accurate picture of your physical health.

Fit3D is available at GreatLIFE Woodlake Athletic Club.