The decision to start living a healthy lifestyle is the easy part. Knowing where to start is the challenge.
One of GreatLIFE’s goals is to “educate people about golf, fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.” That’s why every GreatLIFE member is encouraged to take part in a FREE GreatSTART session at GreatLIFE Woodlake Athletic Club.
Your journey to health has to start somewhere and GreatSTART is a great first step.
Every GreatSTART session begins with a FREE health assessment that includes an amazing Fit3D ProScanner body scan. Taking over 400 circumference, height, volume and length measurements in under one minute, Fit3D creates an exact 360-degree virtual model of your body. Not only does this help you and your trainer identify target areas, but if you choose to have another Fit3D scan in the future, you can literally see your progress.
A GreatLIFE personal trainer will provide consultation that includes nutrition advice, goal setting and an introduction to a basic machine workout because once you know where your at, you have to know how to get where you want to be.
For more information about GreatSTART and a video demonstration of Fit3D, visit

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