Get ready to golf! What to know as GreatLIFE courses open for weekend

Feb. 29, 2024

Golfers, your season is in sight.

Thanks to the above-average temperatures and dry forecast, GreatLIFE golf courses will welcome their first golfers of the year beginning at 10 a.m. Friday.

“Because of the higher temperatures and lower winds this winter, the courses are going to be in great shape,” said Jason Crisp, director of golf operations. “We need sun and moisture before they start to green up, but as far as winterkill or snow mold, we came out pretty well.”

The favorable conditions mean you’ll even be able to visit the driving range and bring out the carts this weekend.

“That’s extremely rare this time of year,” said Brent Venenga, director of agronomy for GreatLIFE. “But it was mild, and even while there’s some snow, it’s dry, so we’re going to roll with it.”

Earlier this week, tee times filled fast.

“It’s incredible to see how quickly they filled,” Crisp said. “Everybody is ready to take advantage of the weather and play golf.”

While popular times were snagged right away, there are still slots available, especially at Central Valley, Rocky Run, Worthington and Fox Run.

“We call this a soft opening,” Crisp said. “So we’ll be open Friday through Sunday, and then with Monday and Tuesday showing lower temps, we’ll shut down until further notice but continue offering pro shop hours as the season ramps up. Please check the golf course websites for official March pro shop hours.”

Golfers are required to check in at the course before playing.

“There may be some delayed start times on some of the cold, frosty mornings,” Venenga said.

“We want to make sure we’re not creating issues in terms of course maintenance, and when you are on the course, we ask you to be mindful if you see ropes up that you avoid those areas. A golf course superintendent loves golf just as much as the golfers, but it can be a challenge if people are in areas where we’re fighting Mother Nature, especially this time of year.”

Crisp and Venenga work together closely to determine when courses can open as the season begins.

“We stay in close contact, and we look at not just the temperature – the morning and evening lows — but the wind in the forecast,” Venenga said. “It could be 50 degrees and sunny, but if you have a 20 mile-per-hour wind out of the northwest, it’s not going to be too warm.”

Golfers are reminded to check in with their preferred course for the most current hours and tee time availability.

“An early March opening is something we’re very thankful for,” Crisp said. “We wish we could stay open the whole month of March, but Mother Nature usually doesn’t allow us to do that.”



Get ready to golf! What to know as GreatLIFE courses open for weekend

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