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Golf Academy Programs

NextGENERATION Junior Golf Academy  


The NextGEN Junior Golf Academy is the next revolution in long-term athletic development for junior golfers. Striving to create the optimal learning environment for golfers to maximize each vital aspect needed for success on the golf course. Using tour proven formulas, The NexGEN Academy provides a comprehensive and holistic structure for golf instruction, physical performance, and game management.  What our NextGen Students will receive:

  • Two 60-minute group practice sessions per week  
  • Three 45-minute individual sessions per month  
  • Access to Flightscope and SAM PuttLAB 
  • V1 Sports High Speed Video Capture 
  • Willow Run driving range access 
  • Speed and Power Training  
  • Game Management Instruction 

The NextGEN Junior Golf Academy tailors each player’s program to meet the unique needs of their golf game. Our instructors are committed to focusing on the skills and characteristics needed for success both on and off the golf course. We hope to walk alongside your junior golfer and help them reach their ultimate golf potential. JOIN THE REVOLUTION TODAY.

NextGEN Pricing: $250.00 per month 


ProjectSTART Kids is a perfect avenue to introduce your kids to the game of golf in a learning environment optimized for fun. This camp based program is 4-weeks and is held on Saturday mornings. Ages will range from 5-12. Ages and ability levels will be at different times. 5-8 yo will be 9-10am and 9-12yo will be from 10:30-11:30am. 

Each ProjectSTART programs includes four hours of instruction with certified PGA instructor and a post program analysis sheet.  

ProjectSTART KIDS Pricing: $100.00 

    • April Session: April 3rd – April 24th 
    • May Session: May 1st – May 22nd 
    • July Session: July 10th – July 31st 
    • August Session: August 7th – August 28th 
    • September Session: September 4th – September 25th 


ProjectSTART is the perfect introductory course for the adult golfer looking to learn the basic fundamentals of the game of golf in an atmosphere that is fun and relaxing!  

ProjectSTART is taught in a clinic based format that allows you to enjoy the instructional experience with students of your same ability level. Each ProjectSTART session covers a different aspect of the game (Putting, Chipping, Driving, etc) with the ultimate goal of having your comfortable and ready for the golf course.  

Each ProjectSTART programs includes five hours of instruction with certified PGA instructor and a post program analysis sheet.  

ProjectSTART Pricing: $200.00 

  • Session 1: May 3rd – June 2nd
  • Session 2: June 7th – July 7th
  • Session 3: July 12th – August 11th
  • Session 4: August 16th – September 15th 


No matter where you are in your golfing journey, ProjectPAR will give you the roadmap to get there. Designed for the golfer striving for par, ProjectPAR utilizes both individual instruction as well as open group sessions to maximize the opportunities for skill development and progression. Using the GreatLIFE Golf Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, ProjectPAR is the perfect resource to reach your ultimate golfing potential.  

ProjectPAR is a monthly membership program with customizable terms for your individual needs. Membership Includes:  

  • Six supervised practice sessions per month 
  • Three 30minute individual instructional session per month 
  • Exclusive access to Flightscope and SAM PuttLab technologies during training and practice sessions. 
  • 24/7 access to Project Par online instructional videos  
  • Free range pass for the month

ProjectPAR Pricing: $250.00 per month 

Golf FORE Women 

Golf FORE Women is a progressive introductory course tailored specifically for women golfers. Starting with the basics, classes progress with the end goal of having you ready for the golf course!  

The Golf FORE Women program is all about FUN! So, grab your clubs and a friend, because this is a class you will not want to miss!  

  • Golf FORE Women 101: The Basics  
  • Golf FORE Women 201: What is the Golf Swing?  
  • Golf FORE Women 301: Professors of Putting  
  • Golf FORE Women 401: From Class to Course  
  • Golf FORE Women 501: Play Your Best Golf  

Golf FORE Women Pricing: $200.00 

    • Session 1: April 6th-May 4th 
    • Session 2: May 11th – June 8th 
    • Session 3: June 15th – July 13th  
    • Session 4: July 20th – August 17th  
    • Session 5: August 24th – September 21st

Each Golf FORE Women Course includes five one-hour sessions with a certified PGA instructor, a post class study guide, and a whole lot of fun!

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