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“To enrich the golfing experience of all players through creative, innovative, and effective golf instruction.” 

The next installment the GreatLIFE family, the GreatLIFE Golf Academy is a player development initiative with the goal of delivering an unprecedented golfing experience.  

At the GreatLIFE Golf Academy we are not afraid to be bold, to be creative, to be different. Our mission is to revolutionize the way that we approach golf instruction. To think outside of the box in a way that leads to real measurable change.  

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned professional, the GreatLIFE Golf Academy in reinventing golf instruction and pushing the way forward to a more relatable, efficient, and enjoyable game.   

Welcome to the Lab!  

The home of the GreatLIFE Golf Academy, The Lab is our state-of-the-art golf performance facility dedicated to taking all of the guess work out of your game by utilizing the best full-swing and putting technologies in the game.  

Combining art and science, when you come to The Lab you will find a golf experience unlike  


Flightscope is an industry leader in launch monitor technology. Used by some of the best players in the world, Flightscope measures 28 data parameters to give you exceptionally accurate and instant feedback that be translated into actionable and tangible swing changes. With capabilities from full swing all the way to putting, Flightscope take all of the guess work out of the golf swing.  


SAM PuttLAB is the world’s foremost solution for putter analysis and development in the game of golf. SAM PuttLAB analyses all of the important parameters of your putting stroke (including setup, backswing, downswing, impact, and throughswing) and displays the data in an easy to comprehend report. A critical element of our instructional program, The Lab is at the forefront of putter instruction and fitting with the help of SAM PuttLAB. With SAM, you will receive insights into our putting stroke with a level of precision unlike any other technology available in the Sioux Empire!  

V1 Motion Analysis Software  

V1 Pro is the premier golf pro software on the market that includes video analysis and lesson delivery solutions. The powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis, graphic overlay, and lesson creation and delivery tools makes V1 Pro an indispensable golf instruction aid.

The Lab

Each individual lesson from one of our PGA certified instructors begins with an interview about the current state of your game, any physical limitations that may affect your ability to swing the golf club, and the goals you want to achieve with your golf game. MORE INFORMATION 

Club Fitting and Repair

Many places offer fittings with the use of technology but none of them have the Academy’s knowledge of the golf swing, and what made those numbers occur. MORE INFORMATION

NextGENERATION Junior Golf Academy  


The NextGEN Junior Golf Academy is the next revolution in long-term athletic development for junior golfers. Striving to create the optimal learning environment for golfers to maximize each vital aspect needed for success on the golf course. Using tour proven formulas, The NexGEN Academy provides a comprehensive and holistic structure for golf instruction, physical performance, and game management.  What our NextGen Students will receive:

  • Two 60-minute group practice sessions per week  
  • Three 30-minute individual sessions per month  
  • Access to Flightscope and SAM PuttLAB 
  • V1 Sports High Speed Video Capture 
  • Willow Run driving range access 
  • Speed and Power Training  
  • Game Management Instruction 

The NextGEN Junior Golf Academy tailors each player’s program to meet the unique needs of their golf game. Our instructors are committed to focusing on the skills and characteristics needed for success both on and off the golf course. We hope to walk alongside your junior golfer and help them reach their ultimate golf potential. JOIN THE REVOLUTION TODAY.

NextGEN Pricing: $250.00 per month 


Golf FORE Women 

Golf FORE Women is a progressive introductory course tailored specifically for women golfers. Starting with the basics, classes progress with the end goal of having you ready for the golf course!  

The Golf FORE Women program is all about FUN! So, grab your clubs and a friend, because this is a class you will not want to miss! 

4 Weeks of Golf Instruction with a PGA Certified Instructor
Golf FORE Women 1.0: Tuesdays at 5:00pm 
*If you have never played golf before or have limited experience, and you are interested in learning a game that will last you a lifetime then this is the program for you.*
Golf FORE Women 2.0: Tuesdays at 6:00pm
*If you have previously participated in one of our GFW classes or have a considerable amount of golf and playing experience, then this is the program for you.​​
Session One: April 26th – May 17th 
Session Two: June 7th – June 28th 
Session Three: July 12th – August 2nd 
Session Four: August 9th – August 30th


Golf FORE Women Pricing: $200.00 

Each Golf FORE Women Course includes four one-hour sessions with a certified PGA instructor, a post class study guide, and a whole lot of fun!

Lil’ Linksters

Lil’ Linksters is a developmental program for junior
golfers focusing on basic golf swing fundamentals in
an environment that is optimized for learning and
fun. Participants will enjoy a wide variety of golf and
sport related activities that will assist in their golf
development as well and growing their love for the
game of golf.

Lil’ Linkers Pricing: $100.00 per session

Ages 5-8: 10am – 11am Saturday mornings

Ages 9-12: 11am – 12pm Saturday mornings
4 Weeks of Golf Instruction with a PGA Certified Instructor
Session One: April 30th – May 21st 
Session Two: June 4th – June 25th 
Session Three: July 9th – July 30th 
Session Four: August 6th – August 27th
Drew Trautman


Call (605)651-1768 or email 

to set up your lesson

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