Golf Performance Training


GreatLIFE Golf Performance Training packages include sessions with both a PGA Golf Professional and a TPI Certified Fitness Professional specializing in golf fitness training. Programs start with full assessments from both sides of the training to get baseline testing and identify what needs to be worked on. Congruently with the training sessions, you will receive a corrective exercise program designed to correct postural issues, increase flexibility/mobility, and reduce chronic pain made specifically for you. Sessions and programming will be customized for you from there on out to ensure you reach your goals. Progress will be tested on both sides of the pre and post-program and throughout the program to ensure progress is being made. This is for golfers of all ages and levels! GreatLIFE Golf Performance Training provides a “One Stop Shop” for bettering your golf game.


We aim to help you by:

  • Improving golf performance through custom, properly implemented Golf Fitness programs combined with lessons and feedback from a PGA Professional.
  • Demonstrating the importance/benefits of fitness training in golf for injury prevention and maximizing performance. 
  • Targeting reducing injuries associated with golf and everyday lives to improve the overall quality of life for our clients. 
  • Maximizing your potential on the golf course and in daily activites.

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