Dear GreatLIFE Cares Foundation Coalition Members,

Just got the final accounting from our golf event at our Willow Run Golf Course. Not including any monies you may have raised selling your Team or hole sponsorship, our revenue was $106,510. We had $18,033.79 in expenses for food, insurance and gifts. We also gave out $17,500 to the winning team’s designated organizations with:

Boys & Girls Club – $7,500
Collision – $7,500
Young Life – $1,250
SF School District – $625
McCrossan Boys Ranch – $625

Leaving us with $70,976.21 to split with 50% ($35,488.11) to all our organizations and 50% ($35,488.21) to our GreatLIFE Cares Foundation which directly supports TeamMates mentoring program, Youth Entrepreneur program (did 37 classes in middle schools and high schools in 2020), PLAY Everything clinics as well as several of your programs. There were 21 independent charities and all three of our school systems that participated. I have rounded it up so each organization will get $1,700 with checks being mailed out this week.

The response to what we could do better or should change were limited. The most positive response was the awareness and connection made between organizations and golfers. The set up at Willow Run was great as was the professionalism of our GreatLIFE Team Members and golf course condition.

Overall, for a first time event and considering the Covid situation, we were pleased with the presentation and results. If any of you have other recommendations or thoughts, please pass them on to me. Let’s plan on doing a Zoom conference call on Wednesday October 21g at 10 am if that works for you? Thanks for all you each do for our kids, their families and our community!

Thomas P. Walsh Sr

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