GreatLIFE demystified: Setting the record straight on 3 common misconceptions

Dec. 30, 2021

There’s no doubt: GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness offers a business model that’s unique nationwide.

So it’s not surprising that many people are still finding out exactly how it works.

“Maybe you’re new to the area, or you’ve never joined a gym, or you’ve been at the same gym for a long time – it’s natural that you’re going to have some questions and possibly some misunderstandings when you learn about GreatLIFE,” said Nick Ovenden’s, GreatLIFE president.

“So we wanted to address the three most common ones to make sure anyone who is thinking about giving GreatLIFE a try knows all the options available.”

Myth No. 1: You have to sign a 12-month contract

This is probably the myth GreatLIFE spends the most time correcting: You don’t have to sign a 12-month contract to be a member.

“If you feel more comfortable with a month-to-month fitness membership, with no obligation, we absolutely can accommodate that,” Ovenden said.

“And every fitness membership, including month-to-month, includes some golf. You can golf on certain days at certain courses included with your membership, so that’s a way to still participate during golf season even if a full golf membership isn’t a fit.”

The month-to-month memberships also still include GreatLIFE’s full and growing slate of member benefits, from free bowling to dining discounts and much more.

“There is a reason people think of annual membership, though, and that’s an important point too,” Ovenden said. “You’ll save $10 per month or $120 per year with an annual membership, and we think it’s the best way to make sure you are able to establish that fitness routine and really see a positive change in your life because of it.”

Myth No. 2: You can’t just check out a gym for a day or a week

GreatLIFE offers day and week passes, so if you have a student home from college or you’re just looking to try out some gyms to see if longer term membership is a fit, this is an approach to consider.

“Our day pass is actually a 24-hour pass, so if you get it at 7 a.m. on a Monday, for instance, you just have to get there before 7 a.m. the following day, and you can actually work out for two mornings,” Ovenden said. “We want to make sure we leave ample room for members, but we do see the benefit of offering a day or week pass for people in certain circumstances, and we’ve seen a big demand for those this holiday season.”

Myth No. 3: You have to pick a gym and stick with it

Because GreatLIFE’s approach is so unique, many people still wonder if there’s a catch. Can you really work out at any one of about 20 fitness centers whenever they’re open?

Yes, you can.

“Sometimes, people still are used to joining a single gym or a program that might have two or three locations in town, and this is so much more,” Ovenden said.

“So, no, you don’t have to always go to the same gym. In fact, we encourage you try out different gyms at different times. You might find a fit at one gym near your home and another near your job or another when you’d like to take advantage of our child care program.”

And speaking of variety, golf members also can choose from 18 courses and receive discounts at even more – so your game can be as varied for the season with as much repeat play as you’d like.

Connect today

To learn more about your membership options, click here or stop in any GreatLIFE location.

“And remember that when you join, we are there to walk alongside you and make sure you get connected to a gym, learn the equipment, get connected to a trainer if that’s of interest to you and know all about the huge and growing variety of benefits available to you,” Ovenden said.

“We’ve continued to experience significant interest from new members to end the year and are really looking forward to connecting more members to live their GreatLIFE in 2022.”

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