GreatLIFE Golf Tour Club

It’s good to be part of a club. But it’s even better when you’re part of the GreatLIFE Golf Tour Club.

Just pick up a GreatLIFE Golf Tour Club card at any GreatLIFE location and do what you already love doing – playing golf. Play each GreatLIFE course, date it, mark your score and score the course on friendliness, cleanliness, and condition. It’s an excellent way to introduce you to new and various courses. Plus, it helps GreatLIFE continue to improve your experience.

Play 15 courses and get a GreatLIFE Golf Tour Club polo; play all 25 courses and get entered to win a driver or putter. If you have already played at one or more courses this season, GreatLIFE staff can go back and track the dates for you to enter on your card. When you’ve completed the courses, bring your card to Willow Run, Bakker Crossing, Central Valley, Rocky Run, Hidden Valley, or Worthington Golf Course to get your prize and be sure to tell your friends to join you in the GreatLIFE Golf Tour Club.

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