Help support Feeding South Dakota with this new food drive

Helping feed the hungry in the Sioux Falls area is as simple as bringing along some food next time you visit the gym.

Through Nov. 15, GreatLIFE is partnering with many local businesses to accept donations for Feeding South Dakota.

You can bring them to any GreatLIFE location, including the GreatLIFE golf courses in the Sioux Falls area.

“Our most-needed items are the same ones you think of as staples in your pantry at home,” said Jennifer Stensaas, marketing and communications director for Feeding South Dakota.

“It’s quick meals, dry pasta, spaghetti sauces, boxed meals like Hamburger or Tuna Helper, providing the tuna or chicken to go with that. On sandwiches, we need peanut butter and jelly. Cereals, rice, canned fruits and vegetables (are needed), and soups are great as we’re heading into the fall and winter months.”

GreatLIFE also is partnering with the following organizations, which are accepting donations at their locations:

“We just want to do our part to help everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle,” said Krista Youngberg, who leads member experience for GreatLIFE. “Our members and our team members enjoy giving back, and we thought this was the perfect time of year to help bring some additional resources to Feeding South Dakota.”

Help support Feeding South Dakota with this new food drive

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