If you are exercising for the first time or if you have been an athlete for years, you know that your body can take a beating from the demands placed on it. For many years, we have discussed the importance of stretching and proper sports nutrition, but further from that, here at GreatLIFE, we would like to introduce you to an advanced part of that equation, Sports Massage Therapy.

Sports Massage Therapy has developed a reputation for only applying to athletes training for a specific sport or event, however, this is a misleading thought process. Sports Massage Therapy is an effective tool for anyone who is strength training, cardiac training, or applying any other form of additional pressure on their body.

Athletes who are training for a specific event or sport have put additional pressure on their body and will see micro tears in their muscle tissue. This is normal as long as the healing process is normal as well. When they do not get the proper healing, you see an increase in injuries. Sports Massage Therapy aids that healing process!

How exactly does Sports Massage Therapy aid in healing? Breaking down adhesions in the muscle fibers, or in the fascia that surrounds the muscles, creates a healthier environment for healing to take place. What is meant by a “healthier environment”? Research shows an increase in blood flow, white blood cell count, lymph flow, and serotonin and dopamine, while also showing decreased levels of cortisol following massage therapy sessions, all of which affect the healing process of a body.

How does Sports Massage Therapy differ from other forms of massage therapy? The differentiating factor is the technique used. Stretching, direct compression, and cross fiber friction are some of the techniques that a therapist will use based on proper assessment of the athlete and activity. Proper assessment is necessary and this is where the GreatLIFE Massage Therapy team can be an essential part of the training process for any individual.

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