Is your child into sports? This performance camp is for you

Whether your child is a dedicated athlete, has fun with sports or just wants to be more active, the upcoming GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness sports performance camp could be a good one to get on your calendar.

It’s a five-week camp that runs Monday through Thursday for 50 minutes at GreatLIFE’s Harrisburg location.

“It’s a general sports performance camp, where we start out testing athletes on baseline speed and agility, jumping ability, things that have to do with all sports,” said GreatLIFE’s Nate Christensen, one of the team members coordinating the camp.

GreatLIFE just finished a five-week session of sports performance camp, and athletes definitely saw a difference in their results, he said.

“Everyone who was able to attend the first and last testing date either saw improvement in every category or held steady,” Christensen said.

“Generally, we saw improvement in everything. It’s mostly seeing kids learn to establish their technique running and moving in general. It can apply to any sport and helps bring together kids of all skill levels.”

Kids can participate in the camp beginning at age 7 and continuing through high school.

“We start with a big-group warmup, and then we break into groups, and the coaches break into circuits,” Christensen said. “You might do strength workouts inside, cone drills for agility outside and work on speed and change of direction. And once we get done with 25 minutes of work, we save the end for an activity to apply some of what we’ve worked on.”

Activities include kickball and capture the flag, he added.

“It’s an easy way to get kids who might only do one sport to do something different,” he said.

“Last month, we had a group of 10 from the same baseball team, and last year when I coached, we had a group of eight kids from the same football team, so it just depends. It seems like we get a lot of baseball and basketball players, but we get an age of kids who also are trying all different sports.”

The next session begins Monday, July 12, and lasts five weeks. There are couple of spots remaining in the 9 a.m. session and a few more at 8 a.m. It’s $75 for GreatLIFE members and $105 for nonmembers. To sign up, email


Is your child into sports? This performance camp is for you

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