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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s so energizing to see all the new faces walking through our doors looking to make a positive change in their lives. Over the next several weeks, I would encourage you to welcome those new faces in and encourage them to keep going! It’s tough to make a lifestyle change so the more people these new members have to cheer them on, the more likely they are going to be able to live a more active, healthier life forever. We are coming off our busiest year ever at GreatLIFE and have been working on solutions to creating more value, and space for you to continue to live your GreatLIFE. On January 2nd, we officially broke ground on a new addition at our Harrisburg fitness center! The new addition will be over 7,000 sqft and will include basketball hoops to shoot at, more turf space for functional training and an additional free weight area. In addition to the new space at Harrisburg, we have ordered new equipment for several of our other fitness centers and golf courses. If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to check out the new golf simulators at Suburban Lanes as they have the latest technology that can allow you to continue to work on your game no matter what the weather is!

I have traditionally started off my years reading Atomic Habits to re-evaluate my habits and figure out which one’s are good for me and which one’s aren’t. In 2023, I was challenged by several of my mentors to continue to seek ways to see things differently. So here I go, this month I read “The Gap and the Gain” by Dan Sullivan. I know it’s not a huge change but being a goal-driven person since I can remember, this was a great book to help me look at goals from a new perspective. Here were some of the main takeaways I had:

  1. Maximize the most productive hour of your day- Everyone’s internal schedule is different so taking time to figure out the time and place that works best for me to be productive has, and will be, a great time saver for me.
  2. All behavior is addicting- I loved the examples in the book of you naturally becoming how you see yourself. For years, I have joked around with my brothers about being able to rattle on the golf course and I totally bought into the hype. I haven’t given it a chance on the golf course yet, but have started to have better self-talk about how I view myself and it’s made a big difference for me. I’m excited to bring that mindset to the course this spring!
  3. If somethings not measured, it’s not important!- For me, sometimes the “no duh” concepts are the ones that make the biggest difference. For most of my life, I have measured and tracked my exercise routines, eating habits and scores for pretty much any sport I’ve ever done but it ended at those things. All other things in my life we left up to chance. Fortunately, I was challenged to create a personal scorecard that I go through on a daily basis to make sure I’m making intentional steps towards getting better every day. It’s gone through many iterations, but ultimately I want to make sure I’m being intentional with my growth in all areas of my life (personal core values) and will continue to find ways to intentionally improve daily in all 5 of those areas.

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NEXT MONTH’S BOOK: “Chop Wood, Carry Water” by Joshua Medcalf

POSITIVE THOUGHT: Apply the old saying “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time” when setting goals in 2024. It’s great to have a large goal, but break the goal down into small daily habits that accumulated over time will result in accomplishing the big goal. Who knows, you may be able to far exceed what you think is possible by making a few adjustments to your daily routine.

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