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Rain, rain go away…I’m not going to lie, June was a challenging month! After drought-like conditions over the past few years, the rain was a much needed and welcomed site; until it wasn’t. Last month was among the wettest months I can recall in a long time which caused water damage in some capacity to several of our GreatLIFE properties. Although ours wasn’t great, it paled in comparison to what many of the communities to the south of us faced. I’m sure many of you watched as I did, as the floods effortlessly wiped away communities as if they were never there. Hundreds of fellow Midwesterners lost their homes, cars and everything they owned in the blink of an eye. Waking up the next morning to flip on the news and see the aftermath of the flooding was heartbreaking. However, there was one commonality that I saw, and experienced, over the past few weeks. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE! On the news, I watched as hundreds, if not thousands, of people came rushing in to help out the towns that were so badly devastated. At GreatLIFE, I witnessed our Team and our Members stepping in to various situations to lend a hand to help preserve our facilities get back up and running as well as to lend a hand to those people who were experiencing flooding in their own homes. On a personal level, I was able to watch as neighbors dropped everything to help save my place from getting damaged from the flooding. In the moment, I wasn’t wanting to learn anything. However, in the words of Winston Churchill “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Here are a few lessons I took away from last month’s flooding.

Lessons Learned:

  • Focus on the things you can control- We use this quote often at GreatLIFE and this is a great reminder to focus on the controllables. Weather is certainly not something we can control but making sure we are utilizing the rainy days to connect with our members, other Team Members and for personal development are an important way to stay focused and keep the forward progress.
  • Don’t waste a good crisis- I would argue the “good” in that quote BUT I do appreciate the idea that we can often learn best when we are faced with a tough situation. We can choose to complain about the weather, or choose to find ways to identify things we can do to better prepare for if/when we get large bouts of rain in the future.
  • Keep an attitude of gratitude- Ultimately, being able to step back and learn from a bad situation will make it much easier to stay grateful even when it seems like there’s nothing to be grateful for.


A HUGE THANK YOU goes to our grounds crew teams at all of our golf courses. Our superintendents and their teams take on the challenge of maintaining golf courses that get a tremendous amount of play from our members which is a great challenge in and of itself. When we get the kind of month we did, they are also tasked with getting the water, silt, debris, etc. off the turf as quickly as possible. I’d encourage you to go out of your way to thank our grounds crews if you see them! Sticking with the golf side of things, our courses are all back up and running but will have a few modifications as the team continues to work on repairing some of the areas that saw the most flood damage.

Switching gears to fitness, the new addition at Harrisburg is NOW OPEN!! It nearly doubled the size of the strength and turf areas and added 3 basketball hoops for you to practice on. Many of our camps have been filled up already, but with half the summer left, I’d encourage you to check out all the opportunities to try out something new this summer at one of our GreatLIFE facilities!


I hope you enjoyed this month’s book by Dan Martell as much as I did. Here were 3 main concepts that I was able to take away and utilize immediately with Buy Back Your Time.

  1. Dream big! Get clear! Then get practical – I am a bit of a dreamer so that part is easy for me. However, I’m blessed to be surrounded with a great support system that I often use to paint the picture of the dream and we can work together on the clarity and finally see if it’s practical.
  2. 1-3-1 Rule- It is a simple, yet effective concept to use immediately to get others to quit complaining to complain but rather to challenge them to think through the 1 Problem, 3 Possible Solutions and 1 Recommendation.
  3. Don’t hire smart people and train them what to do, hire smart people and let them tell you what to do- It’s a bit of a strange idea but I believe it’s an important thought process. I love the idea of hiring others to create new thoughts, concepts and perspectives but believe it’s vitally important for the leader to maintain focus on the direction and mission of the company.


Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life by Bob Proctor


“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”  – Jim Rohn

Nick Ovenden – GreatLIFE President


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