GreatLIFE Community,

What a great start to the summer! Many of our seasonal Team Members are back for the summer and hard at it already. We are so grateful to have such a great Team again this summer. As a relatively young company, we have shifted much of our focus from developing facilities to developing people. Over the past four years, we have continued to reevaluate our structure to make sure we are able to support and develop our Team so they can better serve you. Recently, we have added additional support tiers to our Fitness Team and have promoted three of our Team Members into more of a “regional role” as Fitness Operations Coordinators. All three of these individuals have been in a leadership role within GreatLIFE and will now move into a larger role in overseeing multiple facilities. Please help me in congratulating Brittany Brazee, Patrick Leach and Brian Niemann in their new positions!

As we continue to mature as a company, we will have great people take on new adventures along the way. Jason Sudenga has been with GreatLIFE since day one and has been leading the Golf Team for the past several years. Although we are bummed to see him go at the end of the summer, we are excited for the new chapter in his life to begin!

Over the past month, we have conducted interviews with several great candidates and have found a great fit to continue to grow and develop our Golf Professionals and clubhouse operations. We landed on another well-deserving individual who has also been with GreatLIFE since day one and has been a staple of Bakker Crossing Golf Course. I am excited to announce that Jason Crisp has accepted the position of the Director of Golf Operations!

We have been blessed to be able to promote many of our leaders from within GreatLIFE. These individuals, along with several others, have put in the work in developing themselves so they are able to better lead and develop those around them.

In sticking with personal development, I hope you enjoyed Atomic Habits as much as I did! I would love to hear what a few of your takeaways were from it. Feel free to send them to me, along with any other comments or suggestions you may have.

Have a great June!


This month’s book was called:  ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear

Here were 3 of my big takeways from it:

  1. Learn to love the process and NOT the outcome – I am only as good as the processes I have in place. A great process will put you in the best position to reach your desired result.
  2. What’s immediately rewarded is repeated – Find a process that is satisfying to you and be sure to reward the behavior you are seeking to have. These can be easy things such as paper clips in a jar, stickers on a calendar or what I do is have a daily scorecard that I can check things off!
  3. Schedule in the 20% – I have always been a person who likes an efficient, full schedule. This thought was great for me as it gave me the “permission” to fill 80% of my weekly work schedule with those important things that need to get done. The remaining 20% of your schedule should be left open to exploring ways to improve your business. Being intentional with scheduling that time will allow me to stay efficient and not let this aspect of the business take a back seat to the busyness of the work week.


Positive thought: “When the opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” I encourage you to treat every day as an opportunity to develop yourself and those around you. You never know if/when you’ll get the call for your “dream” opportunity.

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