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Healing with a Human Touch

Rooted in ancient history, healers have used the human touch to heal injuries, relieve pain, cure illness and reduce stress for centuries. Over the years, massage unfairly earned the reputation as a form of indulgence, but has come full circle and is again a priceless tool for maintaining wellness of the physical and emotional body. The benefits are many and it has regained its place not only for relaxation, but also as an important wellness practice in complementary medicine.

At GreatLIFE, we’re proud to offer massage therapy to our members to ease sore muscles after a workout, improve sleep, boost brainpower, and support overall health. We offer a variety of massage options including Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic/sports, prenatal, hot stone, trigger point and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy – each with its own benefits.

Our massage therapist, Amanda Wek, can recommend the massage modality best suited for your needs. Amanda is an experienced professional who was first drawn to practicing massage therapy after helping a friend with shoulder pain. She believes that massage therapy can not only help to alleviate physical pain and promote healing the body, but can also help reduce stress and improve overall wellness.

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