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Here turkey, turkey, turkey! My 2023 personal challenge was to get a bow and practice target shooting at least once a week for the year. In that challenge, some of my friends found out what I was doing and encouraged me to apply for an archery deer tag in the fall. I spent all summer practicing with bow, getting the gear and asking 1,000 questions to people I knew who were archery hunters. After 9 months of training and several obstacles later, I filled my tag! In the 6 months since that experience, I have periodically shot my bow as a way to be able to focus my mind and make sure I can still shoot if I decide to archery hunt this season. Not growing up around big game hunting, I know next to nothing outside of what I learned last year. About a month ago, I had another buddy bring up the spring archery turkey season coming up and invited me to go with him. Being the “experienced” hunter I now am, I applied for a tag on the spot and set the day of the hunt with him. Instead of going to work preparing for the hunt, I promptly pushed it off. The night before the hunt, I found myself running to several stores around town getting some of the essentials that a quick google search told me I needed. The next morning, as my buddy and I arrived at our spot, we were greeted by over a dozen turkey out and about. I was like a kid in a candy store. This was going to be so easy! After a few attempts of spotting and stalking, we decided we would set up a blind and call them in. As we climbed into the blind, my buddy took his call out of his pocket and proceeded to OPEN IT UP from the box. As I looked at him in disbelief, I started asking more pointed questions about him being a “turkey hunter” to which I found out he had been turkey hunting once 10 years ago. At that point all we could do was laugh at how it was the blind leading the blind and we were going to need a miracle to fill a tag. We spent the rest of the day and evening googling how to turkey hunt while sitting in the blind doing our best to call a turkey in. Needless to say, the only picture of me with a turkey is from the sandwich I picked up on the way home. Fortunately, we made the most of our time together and learned a lot from the experience.


  • You get what you put into it! I spent virtually zero time studying and preparing for the turkey hunt and the inability to fill the tag was the well-deserved end result.
  • Overprepare! During both hunts, I realized I didn’t have enough water which made for more challenging and dangerous hunts.
  • The picture of the trophy at the end of an event, doesn’t tell the half of it! With social media, I am continually seeing photos of a successful hunt, race or goal achieved. I take time to “like it” but haven’t spent enough time appreciating all the work that had gone into getting that person to the picture in the first place.
  • Find joy in the moment!

GreatLIFE Update:

We have had a great start to the golf season and the recent rain has been great for our courses. Thanks to everyone who has come out to play one of our courses as your ability to steer clear of the wet areas has allowed us to have our carts out more than we have at this time in the past. An updated on our addition to the Harrisburg fitness center is that it’s on track to finish up here in the next 8-10 weeks!


I was given this month’s book as a gift from a friend and mentor of mine over a year ago and waiting until now to read it. Although, reading it a year ago would have been great for me, the timing of reading this for me was perfect! To me, author Jeff Henderson did a wonder job walking through ways to reframe my thinking into making sure I’m focused on what I am working towards accomplishing vs what I am trying to avoid! Here are some of the lessons I learned from his book Know What You’re For:

  • Success is often determined by how you stack up against others where measuring excellence can help you change your mindset to measure yourself against your own potential.
  • Go on “Listening Tours”- Going on these “listening tours” will allow you a broader perspective on those you’re working with and those you are serving.
  • Vision rarely repeated is often forgotten- When everyone understands the overall mission/vision of the company, it’s easier to recruit employees and coach behaviors that align with what the company stands for!


Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara


“The more you fail, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you grow.” – Jim Rohn


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