Need a little January jump-start? This program is for you

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Does your New Year’s resolution always seem to involve weight loss – only to go by the wayside in a matter of weeks?

If you’re ready to create fitness habits that last, you need a January jump-start.

This eight-week program from GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness starts Jan. 11 and will leave you lighter for the year ahead – but most importantly with a lifestyle change that can stick.

The goal

The primary goal for January Jumpstart is establishing a routine that leads to weight loss in the new year and allows it to be sustained.

To start the program, you’ll sit down one-on-one with a GreatLIFE nutrition coach to answer questions and get you ready for the weekly nutritional challenge ahead. You’ll also receive an initial body scan so you can track your progress.

How it works

January Jumpstart is a group-oriented fitness challenge that will include three group workouts per week as well as individualized training programs for the days when you don’t have a group session.

Each week, you’ll weigh in with your designated trainer at the start of the week. On March 5, you’ll receive a second body scan so you can compare results.

Throughout the program, you’ll collect points – one point for achieving the weekly nutrition challenge, one point for working with a nutrition coach, one point per workout attended and one point per workout completed on your own throughout the week as assigned by your trainer.

“A program like this helps you a establish a routine as well as relationships that will support your broader goal of not just losing weight but maintaining your weight loss and achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle,” said Randall Hill, GreatLIFE vice president of fitness.

“People’s New Year’s resolutions tend to not work out because the accountability factor isn’t there. With an eight-week program like this, you will see results because the support system is in place for it.”

One coach also will do virtual-only coaching.

“So if people are more comfortable doing an online program, the trainer can do it all via Zoom,” Hill said.

What it costs

The cost is $200 for GreatLIFE members and $250 for nonmembers.

What you can win

There will be two winners of January Jumpstart. One winner will be the individual who accomplishes that largest percentage of weight loss. The second winner will be the individual who accumulates the most points throughout the challenge based on the weekly points system.

“And there will be prizes,” Hill added. “We’re working with our partners to put together packages of them for our winners.”

To get started

Stop by any GreatLIFE location, or send an email to

Space is limited, so sign up soon!

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