New GreatLIFE THRIVE program puts workouts in the palm of your hand

Nov. 2, 2022

Logan Schoonhoven is used to having his phone out in the gym to listen to music.

Now, though, he reaches for it to open an app first.

“It’s very easy to use,” he said. “You just follow what they say on it.”

Schoonhoven is one of the first to participate in GreatLIFE’s new THRIVE program, an app-based guide to working out developed by GreatLIFE trainer Jake Floen.

“THRIVE is a way to have a workout in your hand while you’re in the gym,” Floen said. “We have close to 40,000 members and 20 personal trainers, so we train less than 1 percent. And a lot of members have told me they don’t necessarily want a trainer but they do want a program to follow. They want the guidance. They just don’t want someone next to them.”

GreatLIFE THRIVE meets that need. The add-on to your membership gives you access to full sets and pieces for each day with workouts that change weekly.

There are varying difficulty levels and an emphasis on strength training, cardio and a 30-minute boot camp that even can be done at home.

“Each workout piece has video links and descriptions, so if you have someone who is elite at fitness, it will push them, and if you’ve never been in the gym before, they’ll know exactly what to do,” Floen said.

For Schoonhoven, “it’s a little bit of everything,” he said. “On Monday, Jake hits the legs pretty hard so they can recover for the week, and it’s a mix of chest, shoulders, biceps, a little core at the end. It feels like it hits everything during the week. A lot of times, I find myself going five or six days, and if I want extra work, I can go back to a previous workout and do it again.”

In the three months he has been helping pilot THRIVE, Schoonhoven has seen big results.

“I lost a lot of body fat. My weights have gone up, so I’ve become stronger and felt better all around too,” he said. “I work in landscaping, so it’s important to me to stay active because it helps with my job, helps me lift and do more things. I went through some back pain last year, and now I can still work out without doing things that might hurt my back, and I feel better than ever.”

He also appreciates the video tutorials and being able to log which weights he uses during the workout.

“So you can see where you’re at, and the next time you can see what you did and work your way up,” he said. “I’m the type of person who goes to the gym and doesn’t like talking to people. I just like doing my own thing, so this app is always here, and it gives me a plan I can follow, and it leads to results.”

GreatLIFE is starting to roll out THRIVE throughout its membership.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Floen said. “For me, it’s what I love to do. It’s been my dream to write programming for people. With this, nearly everyone at GreatLIFE can get the guidance in the gym they deserve.”

To learn more about GreatLIFE THRIVE, email

New GreatLIFE THRIVE program puts workouts in the palm of your hand

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