New ways to improve your game debut at GreatLIFE Golf Academy

June 18, 2021

Two new programs are starting up at the GreatLIFE Golf Academy, and some popular ones are adding sessions.

“Golf has been absolutely crazy so far this year, which is great to see,” said Drew Trautman, PGA professional and director of player development.

“People picked up the game last year, and they’re sticking with it in 2021. There’s insane interest right now.”

But if you find yourself looking to improve your game as the season continues, here are two new programs to consider.

Science of Speed

This is a five-week overspeed training course using the Rypstick training tool to increase clubhead speed as well as other corrective swing issues.

Overspeed training is an effective method to recruit new muscle tissue to enhance performance when an athlete accelerates their body, or parts of their body, at speeds greater than regular competitive speeds.

“Science of Speed and the idea of overspeed training can be used at any level,” Trautman said. “I do it with 12- and 13-year-olds – that’s a great age to learn this – but at the same time it’s great if you’re an older golfer looking to pick up a few more yards or hit it past your buddies or you’re a tour pro trying to get more of an edge. This class is a solid way to get a little speed and hit the ball farther and do exercises tailored for you to help your slice or hook or ball-striking consistency.”

The class runs Friday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m. at Willow Run Golf Course for five weeks beginning June 24. It’s $350, but if you email and mention the SiouxFalls.Business offer, it will drop to $250, which also includes a Rypstick.

The F0undations Series

Want to work on just one part of your game? This one-hour clinic-based class is for you.

“With The Foundations Series, I wanted to offer anyone – members and nonmembers – the opportunity to work on the part of their game they feel needs the most improvement,” Trautman said. “So if you just need help with drivers or wedges or putting, you can choose what’s best for you.”

Classes include:

  • Drivers
  • Iron play
  • Wedges
  • Chipping/pitching
  • Bunker play
  • Putting
  • Game/course management

Classes will be held Saturday afternoons with multiple classes being held in one day. Each class is open to the first six students to sign up regardless of gender or ability level. Classes cost $30 per student and are essentially a la carte with no commitment.

“Both this class and the Science of Speed make great Father’s Day gifts,” Trautman added. “If Dad is looking to strengthen his overall game or just an element of it, we’ve got a fit for you.”

Email to reserve a Foundations Series spot too.

Popular programs

The Golf Academy’s programs focused on kids and women are proving especially popular, Trautman said.

“We’re seeing those as our flagship programs through year one,” he said.

A new Project Start Kids begins July 10, and the academy just started its third session of Golf Fore Women, so the next one starts July 20.

New ways to improve your game debut at GreatLIFE Golf Academy

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