Dear GreatLIFE Members, Team Members & Support Team,
A couple weeks ago, I was asked to speak at the Leadership South Dakota on lessons, values and priorities that have been an important part of my life in hopefully being a “Servant Leader”. They are:
– Focus on the good things in your life – write them down, review frequently.
– It starts with your heart, a passion for life & a whatever it takes attitude.
– Enthusiasm and success seem to go hand and hand.
– ATTITUDE is everything! Hire for attitude, train for skills.
– Have fun, smile a lot, use please and thank you often.
– Secret to success: Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
– Catch people doing things right and make a big deal of it.
– Introduce people with a sincere compliment, it costs nothing and builds relationships.
– Look for the good in everyone.
– Develop a culture of caring, committed people based upon your mission and vision.
– Develop a personal mission statement, a marriage mission statement and family mission statement in how you will deal with one another, especially in tough times.
– Two things everyone wants: be treated with respect and appreciation.
– All long term success is based on solid win/win relationships.
– The 3 Rs: Respect for self, Respect for others. Responsibility for your actions.
– You get one chance for a 1st impression.
– Your two most important days” 1. The day you were born 2. The day you discover WHY you were born.
– No one is promised tomorrow so show and tell the ones you care for and love, how important they are to you.
– Servant leadership is putting others first and helping them become successful.
– Your greatest assets are your family, your friends, your attitude and your word.
– In giving, I found that I receive more than the recipient, it makes me and everyone around me better.
– Lead by example, show the right way and bring others along with you.
– I have found that God won’t be outdone in generosity and kindness.
– Change is inevitable, grow with and be a lifelong learner.
– Get involved with a charity that touches your heart and get your family involved too.
– Listen, listen, listen – there is a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth.
– Character is like the medal of a sword, it is tested and defined in fire.
– When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
– It is the journey that brings true happiness, not the destination.
– Own a dog, they give unconditional love. I have found if dogs and kids like someone, I usually do too.
– Our one rule: Think before you act, do what is right and take care of one another.
– Most importantly, my definition of success: “Success – when the ones closest to you, love and respect you the most”.
Lastly, back in 1993, I was interviewed as the owner of the SKYFORCE and the last question was ”How would you like to be remembered?”. My answer today is the same as then “That I cared and made a difference”. Thanks for being a GreatLIFE Member!

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