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It’s hard to believe we are coming up on the holiday season in just a few short weeks. As the seasons change and weather patterns get more sporadic, we will work hard at communicating our facility hours, golf course openings, etc. through social media, emails and on our website. Specifically, we thank you in advance for your flexibility at our golf courses. We will continue to make decisions on what’s best for the long-term health of each course while balancing our desire to have our members out playing as much as possible.

At GreatLIFE, we aim to have an event or cause that we can rally around during all of the seasons of the year. We believe that continuing to have our eyes on being able to serve others, will allow us to keep our perspective on what’s important and ensure we are truly making a positive impact on the communities we are in. In October, we partnered with several of our Corporate Partners to collect food for Feeding South Dakota. I’m excited to announce that we were able to donate more than 1,600 lbs as a group! Incredible! In November, we will be doing several giveaways as a way to show our gratitude to all of you! Finally, to end the year, we will be hosting a party at our Woodlake location on Saturday, December 9th from 9am-noon to celebrate GreatLIFE’s 10th Birthday together!

I have quickly turned into a fan of Jon Acuff’s books so I was excited to read his newest book, Soundtracks, with you. It was challenging to narrow down what I learned, but here were my top 4 takeaways:

1. Minor tasks equal massive payoff- Don’t be afraid to knock out an easy task in order to gain momentum for the bigger projects
2. Turn down technique- Instead of working on finding that “magic” turn off button for the BAD, work on creating techniques to turn DOWN the dial when bad starts to creep in.
3. Chose ROI vs EGO- If something isn’t working, don’t let Ego drive the reason you won’t change your approach or behavior…instead choose whatever will give you the most ROI
4. A good marker for each soundtrack you have playing is with your initial reaction when someone, or something new is presented to you. If your initial response is negative, you’re likely in a broken soundtrack. Instead, if you show genuine excitement and ask what would it look like to make it work means you’re in a great spot.

Let me hear your thoughts by clicking HERE! 

Next Month’s Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Positive Thought:
Learn to develop an attitude of gratitude. I can often times find myself so focused on the one bad thing that happened during the day that I can forget about all of the good that happened. A fun game that my family and I have used to get back into an attitude of gratitude is to play the “grateful game”. It’s simple but effective. We go around saying one thing we’re grateful for. You’re out when you can’t think of something or if you repeat something that’s already been said. It’s been a fun and effective way to get myself back on track.

With gratitude,


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