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The new year is here, and you’ve resolved to either spend more time at the gym or set foot in one for the first time.

Good start. Now what?

When you join GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness, you’re literally going to have unlimited options. You can work out at a different gym every day, any time of day, and take advantage of tons of additional benefits along the way.

But it can get a little overwhelming if you try to navigate it on your own.

That’s why GreatLIFE is there for you from the start and at every step of your journey to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

“There are a lot of people committed to making a change when a new year starts, and we definitely view that as a good thing,” vice president of fitness Randall Hill said.

“There are a ton of options, but we’re there to walk you through them and help you find the fit that’s right for you. The one thing you should find in any of our locations is that they are clean and friendly.”

Here’s what you should know to get started.


Every GreatLIFE member receives a GreatSTART session. This 45- to 60-minute orientation with a trainer can be done at any location and is designed to help you get the most out of your membership.

“It’s really all about getting you to where you want to be. We will help you get comfortable, set up realistic goals and come up with a plan of attack for how you can accomplish those goals,” Hill said.

Woodlake Fitness patrons working out

Whether you’re new to the gym or a current member looking to make a bigger commitment, consider the six-week GreatFIT Challenge. It starts Jan. 9, and you can register at any location.

“It’s a great way for our members to get a more hands-on experience, and it’s an easy way to build your comfort level,” Hill said

“As part of the challenge, you have a coach that gives you challenges and holds you accountable. You receive tips on how to use the equipment, nutrition guidance, and get to be a part of team of people trying to accomplish the same goal.”

Community hub

Whether it becomes your regular gym or not, you’ll want to check out all Woodlake has to offer.

“It’s the hub for everything that goes on in GreatLIFE,” Hill said. “We have tennis, massage, group fitness, pickleball, swimming, child care, basketball and our biggest selection of weights and cardio equipment.”

lifting weights

You’ll meet members who have been coming to Woodlake for years and still work out or just get coffee together, he added.

“Our members really treat it like it’s their place, which is exactly what we want. So new members will see that and know they have joined something that’s more like a community than a fitness center.”

Performance Center

GreatLIFE’s Performance Center is a standout location no matter where you live or work – but it’s especially convenient if you’re a south-sider.


At the 69th Street and Southeastern Avenue location, you’ll find a large functional area and plenty of space for all ages.

“It’s a great place for families to go,” Hill said. “We have basketball courts and child care and a youth certification that allows 11- and 12-year-olds access to most of the equipment. We have such a great group of trainers, excellent group fitness instructors and very well-attended classes.”

New and cool

The newest GreatLIFE fitness center is in Harrisburg, a short drive just south of Sioux Falls on Cliff Avenue. Whether you’re from the community or not, it has some unique offerings for any member.

“It’s a really cool atmosphere, very clean with an industrial feel,” Hill said.


“You’ll also find a large functional area and turf space for things like sled pushes, and we’ve got some pieces we don’t have anywhere else.”

Harrisburg also is where you’ll find GreatLIFE’s virtual cycling studio and its only dedicated Recovery Lounge, filled with ways to get ready for your workout and recharge after it.

Swim & Biz

Love to work out in the water? Check out GreatLIFE’s downtown EmBe location.

“Our members have access to an Olympic-size pool there,” Hill said. “We also have excellent group fitness classes – regular and virtual.”


People who work downtown also love the convenience of stopping for a workout at EmBe.

“We have a good clientele of businesspeople, and it’s very popular over lunch,” Hill said. “You’ll find there’s also a very friendly staff, and it’s very clean.”

West-side amenities

If you’re a west-sider who likes a lot of options with your workout, head to GreatLIFE’s fitness center at 41st and Sertoma. It opened in 2019.

more equipment

“That space is really awesome because we have saunas in both men’s and women’s locker rooms and there’s a ton of equipment,” Hill said. “You’ll find a huge selection of cardio equipment at that location and a big turf area in the back that can be closed off for group fitness classes.”

Power place

If you’re into weightlifting, head to GreatLIFE’s fitness center at 39th Street and Phillips Avenue.

lift area

“It’s known as a great gym for weightlifters, and it’s more of a power lifting-style gym,” Hill said. “But we also have a variety of group fitness classes there, including spin classes, so it has something for everybody.”

East-side accessible

If you’re an east-sider, we know you spend a lot of time on 10th Street. So GreatLIFE’s location at 1703 E. 10th St. can easily become part of your workout routine.

modern equipment

“The first thing you’ll notice is it’s very, very clean. The next thing you’ll notice is that it’s one of those places where they quickly will know you by name. Everyone knows the trainer there, Nate, and it’s a very welcoming place,” Hill said.

“It’s not the biggest facility, but it’s great if you’re looking to fit in a workout anytime, and it’s easily accessible with plenty of extra parking in the back.”

Scenic option

Want to work out with a view? Head to Willow Run, where you’ll look out onto a gorgeous golf course while you get fit.

modern equipment

“It’s a beautiful setting,” Hill said. “On the weekends, families love to use the pool, plus you’ll find group classes, tons of cardio and free weight options available.”

In the neighborhood

Looking for a gym that’s close to home or work? Maybe a little quieter but still with all the equipment you need? GreatLIFE has convenient locations no matter where you live.

There’s Career Crossing in the northwest and 26th and Marion on the west side.

On the east side, there’s 26th and Village Square.

And to the south, there’s 69th and Minnesota.

“If you’re looking to just get in and do everything you want but in a conveniently located area near where you live, chances are very good there’s a satellite nearby,” Hill said.

Healthier eating

GreatLIFE also is ramping up its nutrition team for 2020. A team of four certified nutrition coaches will help guide members as they work toward a healthier lifestyle.


“We see it all the time – people come in and it’s not the exercise part where they’re struggling. It’s the nutrition part,” Hill said. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and our certified nutrition coaches can thoroughly explain what can work for people. I think the biggest thing to know is that it can’t just be a short-term diet it needs to be a lifestyle.”

You can work with a GreatLIFE nutrition coach at any location.

Ready to get started? Join GreatLIFE now and receive no enrollment fee, no money down and your 13th month free! Click here to learn more.

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