Salad bar savings offers win-win dining-out option for GreatLIFE members

Dec. 20, 2023

This paid piece is sponsored by GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

Before Vanguard Hospitality brought back the popular salad bar at Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls after the pandemic, its leaders knew the time was right for a different approach.

“We have longtime customers who love the salad bar,” chief operating officer Tim Meagher said. “But we also knew there were customers out there who would love the salad bar if we could reimagine it for them.”

A pre-launch huddle with leaders from GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness set the stage for “salad bar 2.0.”

“We respect the GreatLIFE team immensely, and we wanted their input on what their members – people who embrace a healthy, active lifestyle – would like to find when they come to Minervas and consider the salad bar,” Meagher said.

“The input we received from their team was instrumental in helping us develop the new and improved salad bar that both longtime and new guests are loving today.”

To show their appreciation – and encourage GreatLIFE members to try out and come back to the salad bar – members receive $3 off at lunch and $4 off at dinner when they order the salad bar, which also is available to diners at the adjacent Paramount Studio Cocktails & Food.

“If you have not tried the salad bar at Minervas, it’s outstanding,” said Jacki Pranger, director of corporate partners for GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

“Not only that, but the atmosphere and service are top notch. It’s a good fit for a partnership with us because of how focused GreatLIFE is on the Sioux Falls community. Vanguard Hospitality is a group of individuals who strive to make our home better each day. We couldn’t ask for a better member benefit partner.”

GreatLIFE members will discover a broad and always-changing mix of options on the salad bar, including many options with local roots.

“We source everything from lettuce to cheese to meats on our charcuterie locally as we can,” Meagher said. “GreatLIFE members will appreciate the focus on freshness and the ability to control portions while still having a lot of options for lunch or even for dinner if you choose.”

Meagher is a GreatLIFE member himself and said he understands and appreciates having choices in your approach to wellness.

“I mainly use it for the gym – I’m an old-school lifter, so I really enjoy the location at 39th and Phillips – but as I’ve gotten to know them better, I’ve considered driving to other locations and trying out new things,” he said. “As I’ve connected more with their leadership, it’s become clear how we both value family in business. It’s a good relationship, and we’re excited to grow it.”

Vanguard, like GreatLIFE, gives back, Pranger added.

“They were one of our food sponsors for our GreatLIFE Cares Challenge for Change Golf Tournament. We were blessed to have them provide one of the meals for all of the participants. This gave us the opportunity to donate more to our coalition members,” she said.

“We are always looking for local businesses to partner with on member benefits. GreatLIFE is more than fitness and golf. We are a lifestyle. We are striving to follow our mission by helping our members grow in their life and helping our community thrive.”

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Salad bar savings offers win-win dining-out option for GreatLIFE members

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