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Swimming Lessons


  • At least one lap lane open at all times
  • The Woodlake pool is 20 yards. 44 laps = 1 mile
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • 14 years+ allowed in the hot tub
  • Must be 14+ to swim in the pool without a guardian
  • 13 and under MUST have a parent or guardian with them to swim

Swimming Lesson Program

Group swimming lessons are offered at our Woodlake location. Please contact Woodlake at 605-361-0445 to find out when the next session will begin. Private lessons are also offered. For more information, or questions contact: Michaela Beck at Michaela.Beck@JoinGreatLIFE.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When are group lessons offered?
Group lessons are offered throughout the year at regular intervals. To register, email
Michaela.Beck@JoinGreatLIFE.com and she can let you know when the session will begin, and provide you with the registration form.

How much are group swimming lessons?
Depending on how long the session is, i.e. 4 weeks or 6 weeks, the cost varies between
$50-$70 for 1 kid. For multiple kids, -$10/kid. Non-members are allowed as well, price is
$20 more.

What is the age range for group lessons?
We do not allow kids younger than 3 years old into group lessons, as it is a safety issue
and has caused concern in the past. Typical ages are between 3-12 years old.

How long are group lessons?
Group lessons are 35 minutes long, with 5 minutes at the end of each lesson to play games, jump, and have fun.

Does a parent need to be watching, or in the pool with the kid?
Parents do not need to be watching if they don’t want to. They can use that time to
workout, or leave the facility, as long as they are back before the session is over. If their
child really struggles to be in the water without them, we can have them be in the pool
and help teach their child as well.

Do we offer Parent/Child or Toddler Lessons?
We do not offer parent/child lessons or toddler lessons. It is something we have looked
into and may offer in the future. For children under 3, we can do private lessons.

How much are private lessons?
Private lessons are similar in personal training, in that the price varies depending on the
instructor and their experience. For a 30 minute lesson, individual price range of $25-$40.
You may also do groups of 2-3 kids, in which the total price for the group would be between $40-$55. 

When can we do private lessons?
Private lessons can be done on any day and any time that works for both you and the
instructor, as long as it doesn’t interfere with other pool activities. The pool is not
closed or blocked off for private lessons. Lessons do not have to always be at the same
day or time each week, you can do as many as you would like, and there isn’t any
commitment to a certain amount.

Can we do private lessons at a different pool?
We can teach private lessons at Willow, EmBE, or Woodlake as long as the instructor is
willing to go to a different pool. Just has to be cleared for other locations.

Michaela Beck

Swim Instructor

Woodlake (View Bio)

For more information please visit Woodlake Athletic Club.

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