THR^VE Cancellation

How do I cancel? What happens when I cancel?  

  • Cancel on your own at any time, you will still have access through the end of your billing period. 
  • GreatLIFE staff cannot cancel for you. 
  • To cancel through mobile app: navigate to Whiteboard > select “Options” button in top left (three small lines) > choose “Tools and More” > Scroll down to Account and tap “Manage Subscriptions” > tap “Yes” to be redirected to Website Page where you can view/cancel your subscription. 
  • To cancel from the website: Go to > Login to your account > Select the top right menu and choose “Your Account” > You can view/cancel your subscriptions on this page.  
  • Link to cancel info on SugarWOD: 

*Deleting your SugarWOD account does not automatically cancel your membership. If you wish to Delete your account, you will need to Cancel your subscription first.  

*We do not administer refunds for forgetting to cancel.