What do you see when you look in the mirror? For most people, the body image we see doesn’t make us happy, nor is it an accurate picture of our body or our health. Now at GreatLIFE, there’s a way to get a precise picture. It’s called Fit3D.

Using the newest body-scanning technology, Fit3D is the only 3D imaging tool that can automatically extract more than 450 measurements on the human body in under one minute and the only web platform that enables users to evaluate their health and fitness progress over time from a 3D perspective.

We’re making Fit3D a part of our GreatSTART one-time health assessment available to members to kick-start their personal fitness program.

Fit3D provides:

• A visual tool to evaluate and track physical changes in the body

• Metrics to determine the risk of disease and obesity related risk markers

• A concrete way to measure fitness progress via body shape

Fit3D sends all data (scans and body measurements) to a secure server available only to the user with their private login information. Each subsequent scan is stored in the user’s account to be used for comparisons and progress assessment. Through the GreatSTART program, GreatLIFE members can get a baseline body scan for free. The cost for each additional use is $10.

At GreatLIFE, we’re committed to helping members achieved a healthy lifestyle. Fit3D is an amazing tool that, when added to our various fitness programs, helps you reach your goals.

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