Let’s talk DOMS

What is DOMS? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is the soreness that a person can feel after exercise. Usually 24-72 hours after the exercise is when the person will feel varying levels of the soreness.

Why? When we do strength training or aerobic exercises, we cause small amounts of damage to our muscles– sometimes even microscopic tears. These tears are completely normal and our muscles have a healing process for this.

Is this something I even need to think about? The reason we bring this up today is because Massage Therapy will aid in that healing process. Massage Therapy causes an increase of blood flow to the localized area. There is also a proven increase in lymph flow and white blood cell count following a massage therapy session; both of which are great for increased healing.

Why are we talking healing?  Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass (which will help burn fat) or improve functioning, a huge part of that process is how your body is repairing from the stress you put on it.

Put pressure on your body, heal, and come back stronger!

Get a massage! Hydrate! Repeat!

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