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This is a piece originally posted on Sioux Falls Business with Jodi Schwan.

Looking for a workout that’s always changing at a convenient west-side fitness center? New GreatLIFE trainer Alex Steed can deliver it.

The Aberdeen native grew up playing sports and joined the South Dakota National Guard after high school, serving around the world and earning his degree at SDSU.

He’s now back in Sioux Falls and ready to help others achieve their fitness goals, based out of GreatLIFE’s 26th Street and Marion Road fitness center.

We got to learn more about him, his workout styles and his reason for joining the GreatLIFE team.


How did you get into the fitness industry?

My passion for exercise started in high school. We didn’t have a great weightlifting program, so I spent a lot of time researching different workout routines and effectively taught myself how to exercise. This passion led me to earn my Bachelor of Exercise Science from SDSU. After SDSU, I interned in the world of sports performance in Sioux Falls and at West Central High School in Hartford. Now, I’m proud to be continuing on in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for GreatLIFE.

What do you like best about being part of GreatLIFE?

The people. GreatLIFE really is a friendly atmosphere. People I haven’t met yet will go out of their way to say goodbye to me after they finish their workout. Sometimes I’ll see complete strangers have a conversation while they’re on different machines. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed.

What can people expect a workout with you to be like?

They can expect it to be constantly changing. One of the most common struggles in fitness is plateauing, reaching a point where you’re not improving further. The best tool we have to avoid plateauing is variation, so I’m constantly changing my workout plans and looking into what the newest research is saying in order to constantly be improving.

If members or prospective members aren’t familiar with the 26th and Marion location, how would you describe it? What will they find there?

I would describe 26th and Marion as the best of both worlds when it comes to large versus small gyms. The gym has nearly doubled in size from its beginning. We’ve got every kind of treadmill, cable machine or free weights you’ll need. At the same time, the gym is set up in a way that it’s rarely overcrowded. If you like to be around other people while exercising, there’s great times in the day for that. If you like to keep to yourself, there’s also great times.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I’m most excited to have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others. The most rewarding part of training is seeing someone accomplish a new goal or achieve something they never thought possible. I’m excited to use my knowledge and experience to help others achieve the same feelings of success I had myself back when I was Googling “how to lift weights” during homeroom.

If anyone has any questions relating to personal training or anything fitness related in general, Alex can be reached at

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