Private yoga sessions are a great way to hone in on your goals. Work with a GreatLIFE Yoga instructor to help perfect the basics by breaking down poses, ask questions and get personalized instructions to fit what you need based on your health, body type and lifestyle.

A private yoga class is great for yogis of all levels.

A few reasons why yogis do private yoga sessions:
Grasping the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended): Yoga what?! New to the practice? A private yoga session is a great place to start. Sometimes a classroom setting can be too fast paced and overwhelming for new yogis – the poses, the language, the breath. Start slow and go at your own pace with introduction to yoga sessions just you and an instructor. It’s a great way to learn the basics, ask questions and take things one at a time.
Developing confidence to practice in group settings: While GreatLIFE Yoga is a judgement free zone, it’s natural to have a few jitters before your first class. After all you are trying something new for the first time! With that being said, gaining confidence with your practice by partaking in private sessions can help ease the nerves. Breaking down the basics such as Downward Facing Dog, Crescent Lunge, Warriors, etc. gives you a great base that you can feel confident in performing, which will then make it easier in a flow class.

Tailoring their practice to benefit a sport or profession outside of the studio, such as improving golf swing or complementing triathlon training: Group classes are great, but if you have a specific need or want, an area to work on, etc. it’s hard for your instructor to cater to everyone, every minute of class. Yoga is one of the greatest tools for cross-training as their is a pose for just about every sport. Before, after or even during competition.

Talk to your GreatLIFE Yoga instructor about incorporating yoga to your training plan today. Private yoga sessions are also a great tool for the whole team as it’s a wonderful team building event.

Learning to modify a practice while healing from injury, health issue: Don’t let injury sideline you from a yoga practice. In fact, yoga can most times, help you get back to your old self faster when done correctly and with a trained yoga professional. No two bodies are the same – healthy or injured. There are modifications to just about every pose and sometimes it just takes time and maybe some help from your teacher to find what works for you.

You’re less likely to overdue it in a private yoga sessions versus group class, as there’s no one next to you to compare your practice to. Private yoga sessions when injured are at your own pace and designed specifically for your body.

Receiving one-on-one attention in a private space: Don’t get us wrong there’s nothing more fun than a packed studio or space with yogis coming together, sharing energy, breathing and flowing. However, there’s a time and place for just that one-on-one attention. A private yoga session is just that: private. You pick the spot, the time, the length and it’s all about you.
Exploring yogic philosophy or unfamiliar styles of yoga: Group classes are most often labeled, named something so students know what to expect. In a private yoga session, deepen you practice of yoga by exploring the history of the practice, the native language (Sanskrit) and other styles of yoga with your teacher.

Most of the time a private yoga session is a wonderful learning experience for both the student, and the instructor. Actually, that’s yoga in general 🙂

“Doing privates with Elizabeth has really deepened and made me appreciate yoga as a whole and in my whole individual practice.  Privates have helped me learn new types of yoga and helped me perfect my asanas.  If I could do I private session every day I would!” – GreatLIFE Yoga student, Kate W.

October 1-31 private yoga sessions on sale:
1/2 hour – $19.99* (was $24.99)
55 minutes – $39.99* (was $49.99)
Pack of 5 (55 minutes) -$194.99* (was $224.99)
*Prices based on one-on-one sessions. Semi-private and group rates also apply.
Private sessions must be purchased during the month of October, expire March 2017. 

Email to purchase and set up a time today!

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