GreatLIFE Junior Tour

About the Tour

Mission Statement:
The mission of the GreatLIFE Junior Tour is to enrich the lives of junior golfers in the Sioux Falls community through the building of relationship and the competitive spirit.  

The purpose of the GreatLIFE Junior Tour is to provide competitive playing opportunities for kids of all ages and ability levels in an environment tailored for learning and fun. 

All junior golfers ages 18 – under are eligible to play.  The field size is limited to the first 93 golfers. All golfers should be able to get around the golf course without unduly delaying play and with minimal supervision.  

All tournaments are 18-hole stroke play events. The 10 – Under division will play 9 holes. All play is in threesomes to assist in pace of play.  Once an age division is finished, we will hold the awards ceremonies for that division. We understand the importance of your time and get the results and prizes out in a timely manner.  

Expected playing time for 18-hole divisions is 4 hours 15 minutes and expected playing time for 9-hole divisions is 2 hours. 

We will have a total of 10 events that are open to any player that is a member of the GreatLIFE Junior Tour. 

Golfers will play in the age group that they are eligible for the day of the tournament.  Any golfers wanting to play up a division will be at the discretion of the committee. 

Age groups will be divided in male and female divisions. 

The age groups are as follows: 
Ages 10 – Under (9-Holes)
Ages 11-12
Ages 13 – 15
Ages 16 – 18

Jr. Tour Fees: 

Registration Fee –

GreatLIFE Member: $20.00*
Non-GreatLIFE Member: $30.00*

*One time fee for registration. Includes USGA GHIN Handicap fee. 

Tournament Fees –

Each Individual Tournament fee is $30/event. Tournament fees include green fees and range balls prior to play. 

Top three finishers in each division will receive a token to commemorate their success as well as a pro shop credit prize that can be utilized at any of the GreatLIFE golf facilities. 

1st Place: $20.00
2nd Place: $15.00
3rd Place: $10.00

The GreatLIFE Junior Cup is similar to the FedEX Cup on the PGA Tour.  Players will receive points based on how they finish in each tournament. The leading point winner in each age division (boys and girls) will be declared the GreatLIFE Junior Cup Champion for that division.



Following points awarded per event. 

1st Place – 500 points
2nd – 400      9th – 100
3rd – 300      10th – 90
4th – 250       11th – 85
5th – 200       12th – 80
6th – 150       13th – 75
7th – 130       14th – 70
8th – 110        15th – 65

Limited to the first 93 juniors to sign up! $30/tournament

  1. Willow Run: Tuesday, June 4th
  2. Bakker Crossing: Tuesday, June 11th
  3. Central Valley: Tuesday, June 18th
  4. Worthington: Friday, June 21st
  5. Rocky Run: Tuesday, June 25th
  6. Willow Run: Tuesday, July 9th
  7. Central Valley: Tuesday, July 16th
  8. Fox Run: Tuesday, July 23rd
  9. Bakker Crossing: Tuesday, July 30th
  10. JUNIOR TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP – Willow Run: Monday, August 5th (2.0x Points Awarded)

Please follow the three step process to sign up for a GreatLIFE Junior Tour event. 

If you were registered last year or have registered with the SDGA Junior Tour you may use that login information for the GreatLIFE Junior Tour.

All of the information below will be under the “Join the Tour” dropdown on the top of the page.

STEP 1. Click on “Create a Profile”
STEP 2. Click on “Join the Tour”
STEP 3. Click on “Sign up for events”

Once your membership payment is processed, CLICK HERE to register for multiple events.

Please email Drew Trautman, PGA if you have any questions.

GreatLIFE Courses

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GreatLIFE Worthington GolfCourse
GreatLIFE Worthington GolfCourse

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